Thames Tideway Visit and Research Forum

On June 14th, the delegates were hosted at Tideway’s office for some presentations. The first being from CEO Andy Mitchell on workplace culture change and gender diversity. Then we heard from Women into Construction on the work that they do recruiting women into the construction industry. Two of our delegates shared about their passion for their trades, their unions, and TBBs mission. Our goal was to show that women of all walks of life are passionate and successful craft workers.

Anna Walterskotter, Project Manager at Women Into Construction

There were also panel discussions, discussing topics such as gender parity on site, building skills and education, and sustainability. There was also a networking portion after the presentations.We met some women working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, as well as some veteran tradeswomen from the UK. The event was attended by TBB delegates, Women Into Construction students and graduates, veteran tradeswomen, and women in construction management.

The delegates spent the next portion of the day at a research forum hosted by the University of Westminster. The purpose of the event was to share cutting edge research with the Delegation’s tradeswomen members, UK and European based academics, trade unionists, and practitioners.

TBB Delegate Soph Davenberry shares on green Building Strategies for Tradesworkers

The Forum focused on three current structural challenges deeply affecting women working within the construction industry. Strategies for increasing women’s access to the trades; female empowerment and leadership, and their impact on working and living conditions; women, climate literacy, and zero carbon construction.

Panelists included researchers, trade unionists and practitioners from Canada, the United States, South Africa, across Europe, and the UK. Three of our delegates shared about impacts that they have had on their local areas.

” I stand here today to represent myself and those who weren’t given this opportunity before” TBB delegate Barbara James

About cklewick

Cassandra Klewicki is a Union Carpenter out of UBC local 290 and a co-founder at Tradeswomen Building Bridges. She is a graduate student at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies.
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