Best Practices

The 2022 London Best Practices Workshop

On June 9, Tradeswomen Building Bridges will present four Case Studies of successful regional strategies in Canada and the United States where the percent of women in the trades is now equal to or greater than 10%. The four regional programs shared five critical strategies which we have named as The Game Changers. This event is intended to share strategies and success with UK construction industry stakeholders and give them an opportunity for discussion and reflection on what might be useful for improving gender diversity in their area of work. The event will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and will be recorded and available soon.

Workshop objectives

  • Share our experiences and strategies from North American that have resulted in at least 10% women in the trades in our four regions.
  • Leave participants with connections and new ideas to build standing partnerships that are committed to the same kind of progress in your organizations and regions.

The introduction to the case studies, including historical and economic context, was presented by TBB Research Director Susan Moir. Her slides are available for download here.

The four Case Studies are:

ANEW from Seattle Washington on “How Policy and Collaboration is Changing the Face of Construction in Seattle WA.” The presenters are:

  • Karen Dove, Executive Director, ANEW
  • Denise Nicole’ Franklin, Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

ANEW’s presentation and resources are available here.

Canada’s Office to Advance Women Apprentices on “Balance to Build: A Canadian model for inclusion and retention of women in the construction trades.” The presenters are:

  • Karen Walsh, Executive Director
  • Maggie Budden, Red Seal Ironworker/Project Coordinator

The Office to Advance Women Apprentices’ presentation and resources are available here.

Building Pathways Massachusetts on “If You Can See It, You Can Be It: Pipelines for Women Into the Trades.” Presenters are:

  • Mary Vogel, Executive Director
  • Amy Courtney, Pipeline Navigator

A video of Building Pathways’ presentation and a copy of the slides, along with additional resources, are available here.

Oregon Metro and Oregon Tradeswomen on “No time to wait: How government and women’s organizations can advance successful construction careers for diverse workers.” Presenters are:

  • Tiffany Thompson, Director of Workforce Equity and Technical Assistance, Oregon Tradeswomen
  • Nickeia Hunter, Culture Change Liaison, Oregon Tradeswomen
  • Raahi Reddy, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Metro Regional Government

Oregon Metro and Oregon Tradeswomen’s presentation and resources are available here.

Additional resources

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research Publications

Tradeswomen’s Organizations

Women in Trades: Sharing good practices from around the world – She can do the Job, Building and Wood Workers International, 2021


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