Best Practices Case Study #4: Oregon Metro and Oregon Tradeswomen on “No time to wait: How government and women’s organizations can advance successful construction careers for diverse workers.”

See the video of the Metro Oregon and Oregon Tradeswomen presentation to the UK industry stakeholders on June 9, 2022 here!

View the slides from this presentation here.

Oregon Metro and Oregon Tradeswomen have collaborated with partners to create a model for “job creation in a just society. Download their Case Study Report here.


Construction Career Pathway Documents

  • Maura Kelly, Associate Professor in the Sociology Department at Portland State has conducted research on construction in Oregon. Her research is available on her website.
    • Her 2020 “Evaluation of the Highway Construction Workforce Development Program” can be downloaded here.

Webinar on Equity in Job Creation

The US Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau and the Worker Institute at Cornell University’s ILR School launched their 2022 webinar series with a focus on equity in job creation. Raahi Reddy, TBB London Delegate and Best Practices presenter, presents here also.