Priceless experiences: “Treasures that can not be bought.”

By Veronica Godinez,

JourneyWoman Cement Mason out of OPCMIA Local 400 in Sacramento CA. Director of Northern California Joint Apprenticeship and Training.  Member of her union’s initiative to empower women members, Steel Edge Women of the OPCMIA.

To say that this has been an amazing experience is an understatement. We have been catered to on a level that I myself have not encountered. According to “society” this would be considered a poor state, yet the riches the people of Kerala, India display would make many envious. They have the kind of treasures that cannot be bought.

Another priceless experience was meeting the strong, encouraging, and courageous women of Archana Women’s Center. The movement that was started by Thresiamma has had a positive impact by helping women gain skills in industries that are predominantly male.

The Universe helps those that help themselves, so I can’t wait to see what wonderful talent this beacon of light will continue to attract and empower.


Yesterday’s activities at Archana

bamboo and masonry house group


US and Canadian tradeswomen visited a bamboo and masonry house built by tradeswomen trained at the Archana Women’s Center. And the family who lives in this house!



In the evening, they enjoyed a boat ride on the Kariykar River and dinner at a Fish Camp.


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