Kathleen Santora, proud union Painter is in India

Delegate Kathleen Santora from Lynn, MA, member of District Council 35, Local 939, never imagined she would be in India with other Tradeswomen. She talks of the resilience of the women here and the courage of women working under such overwhelmingly unfair conditions. They are inspiring because, whatever adversity we tradeswomen have at home, it is nothing compared to what women here have to go through. It makes her grateful for what we have and more committed to fighting for equality for women worldwide. Coming home knowing that Trump is living in our White House, this has lit a fire in her to be more of an activist and be more involved in making change.

Kathleen is forever grateful to the late Bill Doherty for signing her up to be a union member. She honors him with this shirt in India and thanks her Council for their support of her and this trip.

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Researcher, feminist, labor activist.
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2 Responses to Kathleen Santora, proud union Painter is in India

  1. Sara P Driscoll says:

    Love it!


  2. Karen says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you Kathleen and Susan & all the US Tradeswomen delegation.


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