Hacked: The Other Women of India that Nike Ignored

A commercial video that featured buff sportswomen wearing Nike in India has been beautifully hacked. Watch this one to see the real women of India, barefoot and buff because they work so hard in construction and agriculture and do all the household work.

Bharat ki mahilao ko majboot.

Click here to see the video and the real women of India on youtube. 

The original glamorization video is here.

da da ding3

da da ding2

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Researcher, feminist, labor activist.
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2 Responses to Hacked: The Other Women of India that Nike Ignored

  1. Karen says:

    Awesome hack! Women have “Been Doin It” ever since there’s been anything that had to be done.

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  2. Kelly McClellen says:

    What a great opportunity for Tradeswomen across the world!

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