Short update

When I started this, I was afraid I would annoy all of you with too many posts. Now I am not posting enough for some! I have been very busy with field work and trying to keep up with my notes and travel logistics. I spent 9 days in Delhi, interviewed a lot of folks and learned a lot. I leave for four days in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. I am working on some ideas for things to say about what I am learning and I’ll be posting something soon.

In the meantime, today I took my first day off since arriving. Here are a few pictures from a 13 hour excursion to Matheran, India’s smallest– and very cute– Hill Station.

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Researcher, feminist, labor activist.
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7 Responses to Short update

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    Thanks for the update, Susan. Had been wondering how you’re doing. D’Arcy Martin and Barb Thomas are also in the country. You’ll have stories to trade at UALE.


  2. Karen says:

    You look great Susan – like you’re having a blast and experiencing the most amazing things. Keep on having fun!


  3. You look like a different person probably because you are not in Boston… but someone I know well! Yes post more when you can! make sure you back up everything to the cloud so you don’t lose anything!!! yay!!! karin


  4. mjperlman7 says:

    Marsha says:
    Hello!. SO nice to read about your experiences. Hope you are having fun along with your academic accomplishments. You’re certainly getting around. Eating good Indian food?
    I’m one of those who loves to read blogs so the longer the better.


  5. Barbara Peatie says:

    Glad to hear from you and I always happy to hear what is going on, but do know you are not there to entertain us with a travel log. Have fun. Love Barbara


  6. Shaari Neretin says:

    A giant Ganesh!!!!! Glad you had a day off. xoxo Shaari


  7. Leon Hetzel says:

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