24 hours to go!

I will be finally on my way to India at 8 PM tomorrow night. I am very excited, but some of my closest people are anxious because they have not received notices of any posts on my blog. That is because I have not posted in weeks, time taken up with packing, unpacking and repacking. I am ready now.

Dhanyvaad, David Bowie, for inspiring a couple of generations to be more than we could have imagined, for teaching us to push boundaries.

Dhanyvaad to my family and friends for all your support. Dhanyvaad in advance to all the new friends I will be making in India.

About susanmoir2015

Researcher, feminist, labor activist.
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1 Response to 24 hours to go!

  1. Shaari Neretin says:

    Brava! Signed, sealed and delivered! Safe travels, dear friend. xoxo


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