India To Build Homes For All

“When it comes to the scene of construction activity in India, images of poor workers–both men and women on faded torn clothes carrying red bricks on their heads–dominate the catalogue. Although India has progressed a lot in its 68-year post independence history, this scene has remained pretty much the same. The fate of these poor construction workers remained unchanged, although they age by the day and often die poor when the next generation carries on with the modern-day slavery.

The Indian government is planning to build 500 new cities by 2022 and has opened up the construction sector to foreign investors.

What will happen to India’s women construction workers as the western multi-nationals who exclude women from trades work enter the Indian market?

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Researcher, feminist, labor activist.
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  1. Diane Factor says:

    Hi Susan – just had some time to catch and read your proposal and all the blogs. THANK YOU – this is very interesting, and wonderful that you are sharing your writing. Though I’m sure it will get more difficult to write as you get busy. It is all super fascinating – I look forward to keeping up with you. I would hope to be of some assistance – if you need to bounce ideas, or want me to research or find something here for you, ask questions and issues arise. Lots of love and luck.


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